Nice to meet you!

Down below we will try to convince you that we are one of the coolest usability platforms in Europe. Are you more the 'Show, don't tell'-type? Then book a demo with us so you can see us in action!

At User Sense, everything we do is about making the lives of users easier. More than 50% of all Dutch people experience problems with online purchases, according to a recent study by the Central Bureau of Statistics.

We are convinced we can do better. 

That is why we - Frank Buijze and Tim van der Gouwe - started with User Sense in early 2019. User Sense helps you view your website, app or prototype through the eyes of the user.

This way we show you what users encounter and we think along with you in improving the user experience. In short, we do the following:

  • Help you recruit testers in your target audience
  • Show you how users experience your website, app or prototype on desktop and mobile
  • Giving you a glimpse into the subconscious through emotion recognition and eye tracking (mid - late 2020)

We help software to be more human.

The team

Tim van der Gouwe

Co-founder of User Sense and certified UX-professional.

Frank Buijze

Co-founder of User Sense and responsible for development.

3+ UX Researchers

We work closely with UX-researchers.

2500+ testers

More than 2500 people are ready to test.

It's time to change the game

Usability testing is here to stay, maar de tijd dat je een usability lab moet afhuren en eindeloos bezig bent werven van testers is voorbij.